Saturday 16 Jan, 2021

Starting at 9:00am

Virtual MeasureCamp



MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, for the analytics community who make MeasureCamp what it is. The next event in which the Manchester team is participating is the first virtual MeasureCamp UK, to be held on the 16th Jan, 2021.

While it is a virtual event, we are still limiting to 300 attendees, to allow for the personal conversations that make MeasureCamp special. It means MeasureCamp is more than a series of webinars as we need the attendees to get involved in running sessions and discussing ideas.

In line with that, we still expect a high demand for tickets and as we will distribute only 400 tickets, we will still limit the number of tickets to 3 per company.

Ticket Restrictions

We reserve the right to cancel tickets prior to the conference and on the day at the discretion of the organising committee.

Ticket Releases

There will be three ticket release with these being at

There will be a waitlist opened up following the final ticket release.

Tickets can be accessed below or direct through Eventbrite

Tickets will be released in batches to provide everyone with a fair chance on being online at the right time to register for one.  Watch out for announcements on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn & via the MeasureCamp Newsletter (sign up below!) to alert you to when tickets will be made available.

And, if after registering you discover that you can no longer attend MeasureCamp, please let us know so the ticket can be redistributed.

MeasureCamp organisers reserve the right to restrict and withdraw tickets from Digital Analytics vendors (to prioritise users of Digital Analytics).